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Owners : Richard & Sheila Goodwin E-Mail : StarWinds@Hotmail.com
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Our business was started over 33 years ago in 1989.

We had been going to Aruba and some other islands for several years and could not believe that no-one used one of their natural resources - the WIND!

After finding some of the best companies in the USA, we set out to explore the possibilities of opening a store in Aruba when we retired.

On our next trip to Aruba, we were told that the Director of Operations for the Divi Resorts would like to discuss our idea with us. They wanted to know if we would be interested in wholesaling the items to them to carry in their windsports division at the hotel. So that we could get a feel of the market, we agreed to do so. It has been a very good move for us and the products sold very well.

Since we were buying items for the Divi Resorts, we figured we might as well keep enough on hand to sell locally as well. Originally we started with kites and windsocks. Gradually, due to customer requests, we have expanded our inventory to include flags, banners, windchimes, and metal spinners.


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